Beastanetics Live Certification workshops

Beastanetics Live Certification

Speed • Power • Stamina • Agility

Beastanetics has been one of New York City’s best-kept secrets since its launch in 2009 and it’s high time we shared it with the rest of the world as the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Beasts, as we affectionately call our students, regularly show dramatic improvements in the 400 meters, maximum plank holds, push-ups to exhaustion, standing broad jump, and numerous other functional movements.

The Beastanetics Live Certification is designed for fitness instructors and personal trainers who want to learn all aspects of the Beastanetics system and potentially launch a Beastanetics class.

Post-certification, there are no maintenance fees for instructors or licensing fees for host facilities. Instructors interested in launching a class are required to submit a short video demonstrating they can successfully teach Beastanetics.

The Beastanetics Live Certification includes approximately 6 hours of instruction plus a full demo class and is taught by Beastanetics creator, Tim Haft. Among the many topics covered are:

  • The science and theory behind HIIT
  • Exercise volume, work time, and rest time
  • Beastanetics vs Tabata
  • Beastanetics class structure
  • Coaching and motivational cues
  • Squats and lunges
  • Push-ups and planks
  • Supine abdominal drills and lower back exercises
  • Crawls and core challenges
  • Total body movements
  • Squat jumps and power jumps
  • Running, gait, and agility drills
  • Modifications
  • Logistical considerations
  • How to market a Beastanetics class

Registrants receive:

  • Beastanetics manuals (E-books)
  • Wrist coach
  • Class cheat sheets
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, but to launch a class we recommend that you obtain a certification as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor.
  • Beastanetics manuals (E-books)
  • Wrist coach
  • Class cheat sheets
The workshop includes a great deal of high-impact activity. Although you can still learn quite a bit just from observing, we strongly suggest you consult with your physician before enrolling.
Yes. We are happy to consult with you about how to best launch, market, and grow your classes.
After completing the Beastanetics Live Certification, you must submit a video demonstrating your ability to successfully teach a Beastanetics class AND you must sign the Beastanetics Instructor Agreement.
Great certification! The Beastanetics workshop was comprehensive and provided a great foundation to build a fun and challenging fitness class! Highly recommended.
I loved that Tim’s instruction was individualized to suit the needs of each attendee and it was obvious that he truly and deeply cares about every person that he trains.
The Beastanetics workshop was fantastic. Tim is an expert instructor with a great sense of humor and a kind and patient demeanor. I learned more in a day than I had in courses that lasted weeks.