Punk Rope Challenge for Schools workshop

Punk Rope Challenge for Schools

Improving body, mind, and spirit

Some of the earliest fans of Punk Rope were teachers. After a tough day in the classroom, Punk Rope provided them with an opportunity to get a good workout, kick back, and destress. So it was no surprise when teachers started asking for a similar a program for children.

The Punk Rope Challenge for Schools program is designed to boost overall fitness while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, play, and inclusion. The underlying philosophy of the program is that variety is not only the spice of life, but also the spice of fitness.

Since launching the Punk Rope Challenge, we’ve offered workshops at public schools throughout New York City, as well as at a number of non-profit organizations including HealthCorps, The After School Corporation (TASC), and CHALK.

The workshop is 2 hours long, costs $500, and can accommodate up to 10 participants. Included with the fee is a jump rope and manual (E-book).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Punk Rope’s fitness philosophy
  • How to properly warm up and cool down
  • The Punk Rope Method
  • How to detect and correct common rope jumping errors
  • Rope jumping basics
  • Partner jumping
  • Long rope
  • The 7 challenges (Jumping for Speed, Arm Cross, Double Unders, Spoons (partner jump), Long Rope, Team Fight Song, Pull It Together)
  • How to set up a culminating event
While we’d love to offer PD credits to everyone attending the workshop, you’ll need to check about credits with whoever oversees professional development for your school.
$500 plus travel expenses if your school is outside New York City.
Each participant receives a jump rope and the Punk Rope Challenge for Schools manual (E-book).
Wear comfortable workout clothes and sneakers.

If you’re nursing an injury, we strongly suggest you limit the amount of jumping you do in the workshop. You can still learn quite a bit just from observing and doing a few of the practice jumps.

You are welcome to email or call us with questions about launching, maintaining, or expanding the program.
Contact Tim Haft at tim@timhaft.com or 646-654-0668.