Punk Rope Live Certification workshops

Punk Rope Live Certification

Change the world, one jump at a time

We created the Punk Rope Certification to share our love for rope jumping along with the skills, knowledge, creativity, and philosophy that make Punk Rope so unique, fun, and effective.

The one-day Punk Rope Live Certification is designed for group fitness instructors, personal trainers, physical education teachers, and fitness enthusiasts who want to learn all aspects of the Punk Rope system and potentially launch a Punk Rope class.

Post-certification, there are no maintenance fees for instructors or licensing fees for clubs or facilities. Instructors interested in launching a class are required to submit a short video demonstrating they can successfully teach all the elements of Punk Rope.

The Punk Rope Certification is 7 hours long and addresses all the elements of Punk Rope including:

  • Rope jumping mechanics and techniques
  • Rope jumping challenges and progressions
  • Solo, partner, and group conditioning drills
  • How to most effectively use music to fuel a class
  • Punk Rope class structure
  • How to launch and market a Punk Rope class

Registrants receive:

  • Custom-sized jump rope
  • Punk Rope Instructor E-book
  • Detailed video analysis of their rope jumping form
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Frequently Asked Questions

Among the many topics covered are:
1) Punk Rope’s 4-step method
2) Rope jumping mechanics
3) How to troubleshoot common rope jumping errors
4) Punk Rope class structure
5) Jump rope moves without actually jumping
6) Jumps to improve timing and coordination
7) Jumps to improve agility
8) Jumps to improve endurance
9) Jumps to improve power, speed, and strength
10) Solo conditioning drills
11) Partner conditioning drills
12) Group conditioning drills and games
13) How to launch and market a Punk Rope class
No. Everyone is welcome regardless of ability level.
$229 per person. Alternatively, hosts can snag all 20 slots by paying a flat rate of $2000 plus reasonable travel expenses.
Yes, provided there’s space.
Check with your physician first. In total, the workshop involves about 30 minutes of jumping. You can still learn quite a bit from just observing and doing as many of the practice jumps as you can safely tolerate.
Yes. We are happy to consult with you about how to best launch, market, and grow your classes.
Click here to download our workshop hosting guidelines.
After completing the Punk Rope Workshop, you must submit a short video demonstrating your ability to successfully teach the main elements of Punk Rope AND you must sign the Punk Rope Instructor Agreement.
I wanted to thank you both for the most fun I’ve ever had in a gym. Punk Rope is a great program, and you guys have it polished.
Rina Robinson, Health & Fitness Manager, TASC (The Afterschool Corporation)
Thank you for an outstanding certification. I loved your “hands on” approachable style.
Sue Diebold, Health & Wellness Director, Somerset Hills YMCA
We hosted a Punk Rope Workshop for our 22 YMCAs and it was wonderful. Punk Rope is truly the perfect program for the YMCA.
Sean Levesque