Punk Rope Challenge for Schools workshop
A young boy jumping rope at a Punk Rope event

Punk Rope for Schools Workshop

Some of the earliest fans of Punk Rope were teachers in the New York City public schools. After a tough day in the classroom, Punk Rope provided them with an opportunity to rock out, and get a good sweat on.

And then it occurred to these same teachers that perhaps their students would also like Punk Rope! So in 2007 we created the Punk Rope for Schools Workshop to train K-12 teachers, administrators, and school aides to get the kids in their schools hopping.

Punk Rope for Schools stresses teamwork while helping kids to improve their endurance, coordination, agility, speed, strength, timing, and rhythm.

Since 2007 we’ve offered Punk Rope for Schools Workshops at public schools throughout New York City, as well as at a number of non-profit organizations including HealthCorps, The After School Corporation, and CHALK.

Selected Workshop Topics

  • The most effective way to warm-up and cooldown
  • The Punk Rope method of jumping rope
  • How to fix common jump rope mistakes
  • The Basic Bounce
  • The Criss Cross
  • Jump Rope Relay Races
  • Partner Jumping
  • Long Rope Baseball
  • How to create a culminating event

$500 for up to 10 participants

2 hours


  • Custom-sized jump rope for each participant
  • Two 14’ long ropes for the school
  • Punk Rope for Schools e-book
Learn how to host a Punk Rope for Schools Workshop