Punk Rope for Schools Workshop
Punk Rope for Schools Workshop

Punk Rope for Schools Workshop

Punk Rope for Schools, which debuted in 2007, is a fun and challenging fitness program that features a variety of solo, partner, and group jump rope activities designed to improve the health and fitness of kids in grades K-12.

Punk Rope for Schools is inexpensive, effective, and easy to implement. The program can be easily modified to suit your particular needs and can even be used as the basis for an intra- or school to school competition.

Punk Rope for Schools stresses teamwork while helping kids to improve their endurance, coordination, agility, speed, strength, timing, and rhythm.

Selected Workshop Topics
• The most effective way to warm-up and cooldown
• The Punk Rope method of jumping rope
• How to fix common jump rope mistakes
• The Basic Bounce
• The Criss Cross
• Jump Rope Relay Races
• Partner Jumping
• Long Rope Baseball
• How to create a culminating event

$500 for up to 10 participants

2 hours

• Custom-sized jump rope for each participant
• Two 14’ long ropes for the school
• Punk Rope for Schools e-book

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