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Jump Rope to End Violence

Medina, Baghdad, Dhaka, Orlando, Paris, Baton Rouge, Dallas, basically every city in America, and the list goes on and on. Why can’t we all just get along? Is it worth killing each other over differences in ideology, color, creed, ethnicity, wealth, or sexual orientation? Of course not. Kudos to Roshonda Walker for organizing an event called Jump Rope to End Violence which will take place on July 23 in Richmond, California, just north of Berkeley. Roshonda has the right idea. If we can play together, just maybe we can live in peace together. Let’s hope events like hers become more commonplace. Since Roshonda has no budget we’re donating a set of jump ropes, but she still needs more. If you want to send one or more of our ropes to Roshondajust use the discount code PEACE when checking out from our shop and you’ll get 50% off. We’ll be shipping all the ropes to Roshonda on July 15 so you’ll need to make your purchase by then. Or you can send donations directly to Roshonda:

Roshonda Walker
1249 Pinole Valley Road
Suite 200
Pinole, CA 94564

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