>Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

On Saturday, Aug 13 Team Panther and Pug, consisting of myself and 6 teammates—Bengey, Geo, Heather, Katie, Shana, and Sophia—ventured to Randall’s Island to tackle the City Challenge 5K obstacle race. It was the very first obstacle race for 3 of my teammates, and hopefully not the last. In addition to running (okay sometimes we jogged and walked) 3.1 miles, we scaled and hurdled numerous walls and barricades, including two that were inverted; climbed a rope and a cargo net; conquered the monkey bars (3 of us were successful); crawled about 20 meters; carried heavy sandbags, jugs of water, and cinderblocks; turned a heavy jump rope 30 times; and ran up and down stadium steps. The temperature was 96 degrees, but when you factor in the humidity it felt like 110! 1 hour and 18 minutes later we crossed the finish line just the way we started—as a team. And you know what? We had an absolute blast. Throughout the race we were laughing, joking around, and always cheering for each other. It was probably the most enjoyable race I’ve ever done. Could we have gone faster? Absolutely. But why? We got a great workout, had a lot of fun, and bonded as pugs and panthers are wont to do. And to me that’s what really matters.

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