>Don’t Stop Moving

Don’t Stop Moving

Admittedly I’ve been at a loss for words lately. Sometimes that happens when you feel like the world is going to hell in a hand basket. But one thing I firmly believe in is not giving up, not quitting, and not letting your adversaries get the better of you. I’ll try to keep this short and apolitical. When you’re feeling down or depressed or frustrated or angry probably the worst thing you can do is ditch your workout and wallow in whatever sad story you’re telling yourself. Because if you stew in sadness you will eventually be consumed by it and ultimately be paralyzed. On the flip side, the best thing you can do is dust yourself off, put on your workout clothes, and move. Or put on your dancing clothes and dance. Or put on your walking clothes and walk. It might be challenging at first, but once you get moving and your heart rate climbs I guarantee you’re going to feel much better. Exercise is probably the best antidepressant known to man. Try to remember that when you’re feeling down. Also, anger can be a great motivator. If you’re upset about something happening in the world try to constructively channel your anger. Lift a little heavier. Run a little faster. Hit that heavy bag a little harder. But whatever you do, never stop moving.

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