>Super Plank for super strength

Super Plank for super strength

The Super Plank is one of our favorite bodyweight exercises for improving shoulder, triceps, and core strength.

1) Begin in a plank, resting on your forearms and toes.
2) Place your right palm under your right shoulder
3) Straighten your right arm.
4) Next, place your left palm under your left shoulder.
5) Straighten your left arm.
6) Bend your right elbow and bring your right forearm to the ground.
7) Bend your left elbow and bring your left forearm to the ground.
8) Congrats! You’ve just completed one fully cycle of Super Plank!
9) Now repeat, but initiate the movement with the left arm.
10) Try to complete a set of 30 seconds.
11) If you don’t have the strength yet to do this move from your toes you can start from your knees.
12) Try to keep your hips fairly level throughout.

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