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Jumping Ahead

In the past, around this time of year, I’ve had a tendency to look back on the previous year and dwell on what went wrong and how I could learn from my mistakes. And while studying history can certainly help to understand the past and create a brighter future (I was a history major after all), I say onward and upward. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

1) Helping Kids Become More Active
Starting with the first quarter of 2017, and on a quarterly basis, for every Punk Rope jump rope we sell, we’ll also donate a rope to a reputable organization that helps to improve the fitness of kids from economically disadvantaged families. We know that increased fitness is associated with a host of positive outcomes including higher academic achievement and we know that many schools are still foolishly cutting PE and recess. So now purchasing a Punk Rope jump rope will not only help YOU get fitter, but it will help a kid get fitter as well.

2) Helping Sedentary Folks in the City of Brotherly Love
I’ve accepted a part-time position at 11th Street Family Health Services (part of Drexel University) as a fitness trainer. The Center’s target population is the residents of the four public housing developments in the 11th Street corridor (North Philly) where the median family income is only $15,000 and illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension run rampant. I’m going to try and carry on in the footsteps of my mom who was a social justice warrior in her own quiet way. If you find yourself in Philly, don’t be a stranger!

3) Continuing to Spread Punk Rope Worldwide
As a result of introducing the Punk Rope Distance Certification it’s now possible for fitness instructors around the globe to learn our methodology and get a class up and running without paying an arm and a leg. We’re excited about the possibility of classes launching in South Africa and Australia and who knows where else. Classes have just launched in Pittsburgh, PA; Titusville, FL; and Peoria, IL. Of course our Live Certification is still the preferable route for a would-be instructor so if you know of a facility that would like to host us feel free to put them in touch. The next scheduled Live Certification will take place on May 20 in New York City. Please join us!

4) Jump Your As* Off & Win $300
We hope to be collaborating more in the future with our friends at Crossrope and thought you would dig their 2017 Fat Loss Challenge which starts on January 16 and runs for 30 days. It’s FREE to enter and the winning contestants will get a nice fat $300 check while the runners up will take home $200. To compete, you just need to take before and after pictures. To win, you’ll need to work hard and clean up your diet. Click here to enter.

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