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Fear Factor

I just got home from tabling at an LGBTQIA event for my new employer in Philly. I was slated to do a short fitness routine to close out the program and I was really excited to share my “brand” of fitness with the attendees. I planned on rolling out our infamous Punk Rope “Wizard of Oz” drill which features signature movements by the movie’s major characters, but the organizer thought the routine would be too “dangerous.” And by dangerous he really meant too “out there.” So instead, the DJ played a “line dance” tune, a bunch of folks got down and boogied, and the cultural divide was preserved, at least for now. I’ve been wracking my brains about why more people don’t try Punk Rope, Beast, or MoshFit, and I think it basically comes down to fear. Fear of looking like an idiot. Fear of messing up. Fear of doing something that is not accepted by your peers. Fear of being unconventional. And so on. If you guys can think of a way that we can make Punk Rope, Beast, and MoshFit less intimidating please let me know. It kills me to think that folks are shying away from these workouts because they’re afraid they won’t fit in or be accepted.

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