>June 2017 Update

June 2017 Update

Sorry for the radio silence over the past several weeks and for the tardiness of this newsletter. I’m still acclimating to life in Philadelphia while simultaneously trying to run two businesses in New York. It’s been a very challenging transition, but I’m blessed to be doing what I think is good and important work. While most of my “patients” at 11th St Family Health Services don’t have a lot of financial resources and are often in poor health (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, COPD, stroke, arthritis), they sure have big hearts and are a delight to work with. If you ever questioned whether income, education, political power, and race are factors in health and healthcare, I can assure you they are. In fact, even I am sometimes stunned by the gross inequality that exists in our society.

In happier news, I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Witmer (@dan_witmer), one of the founders of Zen Dude Fitness, a company that is partly responsible for the recent resurgence in rope jumping. Dan and I had a couple of great conversations while he was visiting Philly and I was totally floored when he told me that Punk Rope was one of the main inspirations for his decision to change careers from Wall Street to Skipping Street. As it turns out Dan had taken a Punk Rope class several years ago and apparently that experience had a big impact on him. He also dubbed me the Godfather of the Rope!

Although I don’t yet have a weekly Punk Rope class here in Philly I have been teaching on occasional Fridays at Fitness Works (714 Reed St) in South Philly so if you haven any friends in the City of Brotherly Love please put them in touch with me. I’ve also created a Philly Jump Rope Meetup and a New York Jump Rope Meetup. Please join us!

In addition, if you’ve ever dreamed of jump roping a 5K, mark Saturday, September 16 down on your calendar. I’ll be skipping the Rock ‘N’ Roll 5K in Philly (I’m calling it Rope Against Racism) and would love some company. If you’ve never skipped for distance I’d be happy to help you learn. You might also want to check out this video.

Punk Rope at Stuyvesant CoveLastly, if you find yourself in New York City on a Monday at 7pm during June, July, or August you’ll be delighted to know you can join Shana for a Punk Rope class–rain or shine–outdoors at Solar One (adjacent to the East River at approximately 22nd Street). It’s a fantastic location with sweeping views of the Brooklyn Waterfront. The first class is free for new students and always free for members of the 14th Street Y. For returning students who are not members of the 14th Street Y the suggested donation is $15.

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