>Punk Rope Games IX is coming!

Punk Rope Games IX is coming!

The 9th annual Punk Rope Games will take place on Saturday, September 23 from 11am-2pm at Lowery Plaza, directly under the #7 train in Sunnyside, Queens. This is the first time the Punk Rope Games have been held in Queens. We think the Ramones would be happy about that. Hey ho, let’s go!

This year’s Games are a memorial to Vicky Haft—Punk Rope founder Tim Haft’s mom—who passed away in December 2016. Vicky was a creative spirit who devoted much of her life to sharing her passion for art with children of all ages. For the past several years she volunteered at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and was twice named volunteer of the year. In her honor, Punk Rope is donating 75% of the proceeds from this year’s Games to CMNH. The remaining 25% will be donated to Sunnyside Shines, a non-profit whose mission is to invigorate and enrich the economic life of Sunnyside by creating a safe, welcoming and dynamic commercial district.

1) Costume Contest (team)
2) Long Rope Trading Handles (team)
3) Jump Rope Relay Race (team)
4) Rubber Chicken Toss Relay (team)
5) Me First You First (partners)
6) Spoons (partners)
7) Tower of Power (individual)
8) Wheel of Misfortune (individual mystery event)
9) Rope Skipping Barrel Race (individual)
10) Arm Cross (individual)

Everyone is welcome to compete regardless of age or fitness level. The registration fee for a team of 4 is $100; for an individual the fee is $25. Teams and individuals can register at the link below:

Immediately following the Games and until 5pm please join us for an awards ceremony, the presentation of the Punk Rope Cup, and lots of celebrating!
Maggie Maes | 41-15 Queens Blvd
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