>Jump Rope Challenge #2

Jump Rope Challenge #2

March Madness is upon us and in addition to being beyond psyched about my beloved Wahoos (I graduated from UVa in ’82) being the overall #1 seed, the tournament has me thinking about how rope jumping relates to basketball. When you see major TV ads featuring NBA stars like Kevin Durant jumping rope and Carmelo Anthony skipping up a storm in warm-ups you know there has to be a connection. Our belief it that jumping rope can make you quicker, more agile, and lighter on your feet, all big pluses for anyone who plays basketball. With that in mind here’s your 11 minute 40 second March Madness jump rope challenge. An interval timer will be useful for accurate timing.

1 minute box jumps (switch directions after 30 seconds)
20 seconds rest
1 minute shuffles (slide 10′ one way and then 10′ back)
20 seconds rest
1 minute scissors jumps
20 seconds rest
Repeat 3 times

Check out the videos below to learn how to perform each movement.
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