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Strong Body, Strong Brain

When most of us think of exercise we tend to focus on its physical benefits and especially how exercise improves our appearance. But there’s a solid body of research emerging about how strengthening your body can also strengthen your brain and improve memory, concentration, mental health, creativity, and even offer some protection against dementia. In fact, cognitive control is considerably improved after just a single session of exercise.

From The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World:

“Boosts in cognitive control abilities occur even after engagement in a single bout of physical exertion, as assessed in healthy children and those diagnosed with ADHD, with benefits extending to academic achievement. Interestingly, it seems that the impact on the brain is greater if an exercise program is also cognitively engaging. Similar training benefits of acute and chronic exercise on cognitive control have been shown in both young adults and middle-age adults. There is also a very large body of research on the cognitive benefits of physical exercise in older adults.”

And what, dear reader, is a cognitively engaging form of exercise? Jumping rope, of course. Your mind can’t go to sleep while jumping rope or you’ll trip. So the next time you pick up that jump rope you can feel good that you’re not only doing something positive for your physical health, but you’re boosting your mental health as well. So how much exercise do you need for optimal brain health. Research shows that some form of aerobic activity six days a week, for forty-five minutes to an hour would be ideal.

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