>Great coaches are hard to find. We found one in DC.
  • Keino Wilson

Great coaches are hard to find. We found one in DC.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a great coach in your life, particularly at the middle or high school level, you know full well what a profound impact they can have on your success, happiness, and well-being. Who out there has had a great coach and what was your experience? We met Keino in 2012 at a Punk Rope Instructor Workshop in Washington DC and I instantly liked him. Plus my intuition and our conversation told me he was doing great work helping kids become good athletes and even better people. Let’s hear from Keino.

TIM: I remember meeting you back in 2012 and thinking this guy has the coolest name in the world. How did you get the name Keino?

KEINO: My name was derived from an Olympic runner (Kip Keino) from Kenya. My dad watched him win four gold medals while running barefoot. Kip Keino was a special runner and my dad fell in love with his name.

TIM: What inspired you to get involved with sports and fitness?

KEINO: While growing up I was introduced to a variety of sports by JD Brown, a no-nonsense guy who believed that athletics and education could change your life. He was the the recreational director at Fort Davis Community Center in southeast DC. I loved each and every one. I loved them so much that I went on to get my undergrad and masters degrees in biology and physical education.

TIM: How long have you been working with kids?
What do you like most about it?

KEINO: I’ve been working with kids for 28 years. What I love most about working with kids is seeing the children share the lessons they’ve been taught with their peers, as well as with their family and the community at large.

TIM: When did you begin jumping rope? What do you like most about it?

KEINO: I began jumping rope as a child, but it was a chance meeting with the Punk Rope team that made me fall in love with it
TIM: How has Punk Rope impacted the way you teach jump rope to kids?

KEINO: We are Punk Rope fanatics. We either use Punk Rope as a warm-up to the lesson at hand or we use it as our 30 minute “Do Now Activity.”

TIM: What’s your favorite song to jump to?

KEINO: In the Air Tonight by Nonpoint.

TIM: What else would you like our readers to know about you?

KEINO: Punk Rope has been in my class room for the last six years and I would be lost without it. It builds denser bones, quicker feet, and better cardio, but the fun my scholars receive is priceless.

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