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Punk Rope creators, Tim Haft and Shana Brady, with Punk Rope instructor, Heather Wagner.


To make fitness fun.
In our opinion most fitness classes are way too serious. People already have enough reasons to stay at home and skip their workout so why give them one more? In Punk Rope we guarantee you’ll sweat with a smile.

To build community.
These days so many of our interactions take place entirely online and while e-connections have their place, we think they pale in comparison to face-to-face conversations with live humans. That’s why we’ve sponsored hundreds of events from pizza crawls to happy hours to movie nights to the Punk Rope Games.

To provide first-rate fitness education.
It’s selfish not to share, especially when you’ve got a good thing going and it can save the world! Okay, we exaggerate a little, but it’s because we’re so passionate about what we do.

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