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Warming up with squats
The 3-legged dog drill
Beasts on the run


Beastanetics is a fun and challenging high-intensity interval-training program that relies on the best fitness machine ever invented: the human body. Our unique, time-tested system will increase your stamina, strength, power, speed, and agility while decreasing your waistline.

The Beastanetics program is based on years of research and testing. We utilize more than 70 bodyweight exercises and a unique 24-second to 16-second work-to-rest ratio.

The Beasts—as they’re affectionately known—are a universally fun, welcoming, and supportive group ranging in age from early 20s to mid 50s and covering the entire fitness spectrum. Some are just getting off the couch for the first time in a while whereas others have been exercising consistently for years. What shape you’re in at the start really makes no difference as everyone pushes themselves to their respective limits.

From April through October classes take place on the artificial turf field at McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The forgiving surface is ideal for high-intensity training and the adjacent track is perfect for the 400-meter run that caps off the outdoor workout. Classes happen rain or shine.

When the weather gets colder—December through mid-March—Beastanetics moves indoors to a well-appointed fitness studio at human@ease (31 Nassau Avenue) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Each session of Beastanetics ends with a Beast Bash. It would be a shame for all your hard work to go unrewarded.

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Beastanetics Gallery

Beastanetics Boot Camp at McCarren Park
Beastanetics Boot Camp at McCarren Park on a fall day.
Partner high five at a Beastanetics Boot Camp class in New York City.
A game of Plank War at a Beastanetics Class in New York City.