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Beastanetics at McCarren Park
Carioca at McCarren Park


April through November
McCarren Park
Bordered by Lorimer, Bayard, Union, Driggs
Tues & Thur 8:15am-9:15am
$180/12 classes; $20 to drop in; one-time free trial
Prorated registration fee for late joiners if space is available

December through March
31 Nassau Avenue bet Dobbin & Guernsey Sts
Tues & Thur 8:20am-9:20am
$180/12 classes; $20 to drop in

Created in 2009, Beastanetics is a fun, high-intensity interval training program that relies on the best fitness machine ever invented: the human body. Beastanetics is appropriate for people of most fitness levels.

Beastanetics will improve your cardio, strength, power, speed, agility, and mental toughness while decreasing your waistline.

Each Beastanetics class consists of:
• a thorough warm-up to prepare your mind and body for the work to follow
• a series of calisthenics to challenge your upper body, core, and legs
• 36 sets of high-intensity drills
• a concluding run or other fitness challenge
• a relaxing cooldown that focuses on flexibility

Our students are a fun, welcoming, and supportive group ranging in age from 20s to 50s. Some are recovering couch potatoes while others have been exercising consistently for years.

The beauty of Beastanetics is that it makes little difference what shape you’re in at the start. We’ll safely challenge you no matter your fitness level.