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Beastanetics Boot Camp at McCarren Park
Carioca at McCarren Park
Mountain climbers at McCarren Park
Running at McCarren Park
Squat jumps at McCarren Park
Running at McCarren Park


April through November
McCarren Park
Bordered by Lorimer, Bayard, Union, Driggs
Tues & Thur 8:15am-9:15am
$180/12 classes; $20 to drop in; one-time free trial
Prorated registration fee for late joiners if space is available

December through March
31 Nassau Avenue bet Dobbin & Guernsey Sts
Tues & Thur 8:20am-9:20am
$180/12 classes; $20 to drop in

Created in 2009, Beastanetics is a fun, high-intensity interval training program that relies on the best fitness machine ever invented: the human body. Beastanetics is appropriate for people of most fitness levels.

Beastanetics will improve your cardio, strength, power, speed, agility, and mental toughness while decreasing your waistline.

Each Beastanetics class consists of:
• a thorough warm-up to prepare your mind and body for the work to follow
• a series of calisthenics to challenge your upper body, core, and legs
• 36 sets of high-intensity drills
• a concluding run or other fitness challenge
• a relaxing cooldown that focuses on flexibility

Our students are a fun, welcoming, and supportive group ranging in age from 20s to 50s. Some are recovering couch potatoes while others have been exercising consistently for years.

The beauty of Beastanetics is that it makes little difference what shape you’re in at the start. We’ll safely challenge you no matter your fitness level.


Hands down the best workout series I’ve ever done. Beastanetics makes you fit all around—strength, agility, cardio, flexibility—it’s all in there. It’s an amazing workout that you can build your fitness and good health around. Tim is great. If he were a better businessman he’d charge more for this—but he isn’t—so you get some serious bang for your buck.
—Kevin Moran

I had been searching for a workout that I loved for quite some time. After trying a friend’s boot camp class out of state I was inspired to find one in Brooklyn. I found Beastanetics via a Google search and then read more on Yelp! After my first class I knew I had found my workout! I have been doing Beast for about six months now and feel stronger and fitter than ever! Tim is an amazing, encouraging, badass instructor. Every class is different, challenging, and fun. I am so happy that I finally found a work out that I truly love.
—Rachel Cappucci

As a runner whose routine for years has involved lacing up the shoes and banging out some miles 4-5 days a week, I couldn’t help but feel I was missing some other parts of my fitness. So when I heard several of my friends in the neighborhood talking highly about Beastanetics I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad that I did. After 8 weeks I noticed a marked difference in my strength. The atmosphere is supportive and welcomes people of all ability levels. The exercises are diverse enough to address your individual strengths and weaknesses. Tim has created a good community feel, which inspires me to show up early each morning. The cost is totally reasonable and well worth it.
—Chris Camp

I want to say “thank you.” Beast has really helped me. I enjoy attending your class. You have created a wonderful environment that is full of camaraderie and no judgment. Before Beast I still saw myself as the gangly kid with no coordination picked last in gym. Now, I feel much stronger and am no longer anxious about working out.
—Amira Pettus

Beastanetics is awesome. I enjoy it and have seen good results from doing it. Tim Haft, the dude in charge, has designed a really great program. It’s a modified version of the Tabata Training Protocols, which are a form of HIIT (High-intensity interval training). Look them up if you’re interested in the science. Basically, you work your ass off for a short period of time…and I mean really work. No joke. This is more effective than “moderate” exercising over a long period. You WILL see results. You will also find it surprisingly enjoyable. It’s also outdoors, which is awesome.
—Joe Katz

I am a picky shopper, especially when it comes to fitness. I have worked really hard and invested tons of money in trainers and reached my goal to strength-train myself and develop a personal yoga practice. That was money and time well spent. BUT managing fitness on a solo mission can get lonely/boring. Add to that, there’s hardly anything in Greenpoint or Williamsburg that meets in the morning. And if you do explore options, you’ll find they all want you to shell out hundreds to be a full time member. Enter Tim and Heather at Beastanetics! There is nothing better than exercising in the great outdoors with others in your community. It is simply the best. Their programming is accessible and if you mind your nutrition and work out on your own as well, results are guaranteed. In my view, these two people are amazing for offering an option that is. – affordable – realistic (2x/week) – flexible (no crazy contracts). Also, major bonus points for no pressure to show up in expensive workout clothes (who cares what you’re wearing, when you’re doing bear crawls on the ground.) The classes fill up quickly. If it fits in your schedule and/or you have a goal to meet, get on it. I am so thankful for all the work that goes into making this available in my area.
—Ally Raber