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Our Story

Punk Rope was born in October 2004. The year prior was a tough one for founder, Tim Haft. At age 43 he was recovering from knee surgery and trying to manage four herniated discs in his lumbar spine. He could no longer play basketball, football, or soccer. He could no longer run marathons or even a 5K. But he could still jump rope! There was one problem. Jumping rope alone wasn’t much fun. So Tim spent a year crafting a fitness program combining jump rope with fun and creative conditioning drills, relay races, and schoolyard games. Next he created themed playlists featuring some of the most kick-butt songs ever written. And life was good again.

The mission of Punk Rope Inc. is to offer fun and inclusive classes, workshops, and events that promote fitness and health while building community and celebrating the power of music to inspire and heal.

At Punk Rope we believe that rope jumping should be accessible to everyone so we offer a line of very high quality jump ropes that are within just about any budget.

We not only want to make the world a healthier place, we also want to make it a better place. To achieve that goal, we’ve teamed up with numerous non-profit organizations including:

American Heart Association
Children’s Museum of New Hampshire
City Harvest
Houston Food Bank
Huairou Commission
International Rescue CommitteemyFace
Rock Steady Boxing
Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

In the DIY spirit, we believe fitness classes can happen just about anywhere, not just in a gym. We’ve offered classes at:
Asbury Lanes | Asbury Park, NJ
Royal Palms Shuffleboard | Brooklyn, NY
Mammal Gallery | Atlanta, GA
Otto’s Shrunken Head | New York, NY
NOLA Brewing Co | New Orleans, LA)
The Rotunda | Philadelphia, PA
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | Cleveland, OH
• Park Church Co-op | Brooklyn, NY
• Dreamland Roller Rink | Coney Island, NY