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The Pit Bulls, champs of Punk Rope Games VIII
Bouncing Basques at the 2017 Punk Rope Games
Muted Mutton
Bernadette Robinson
Punk Rope Games IX group shot
Punk Rope Games IX group shot

Bob & Vicky Haft Memorial
Punk Rope Games

A cross between the Olympics and Mardi Gras, the Punk Rope Games have been held annually in New York City since 2009.

Punk Rope Games X will be held on Saturday, Sept 8 from 11am-2pm at Lowery Plaza in Sunnyside Queens (NYC).

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The Games feature teams of 4 in costume competing in 10 events. Their goal is to bring home the coveted Punk Rope Trophy. But win or lose, all teams celebrate as one at the annual post-Games party.

While the Punk Rope Games events vary from year to year, most involve a jump rope. However in the interest of fun and creativity we’ve also designed events that use dreidels, foam cubes, Spikeballs, Kadima paddles, bowling pins, Waboba Street Balls and Moon Balls, styrofoam noodles, and of course the ever-popular rubber chicken. There are team events, partner events, and individual events—basically something for everyone.

Punk Rope Games History

Punk Rope Games I • May 16, 2009
McCarren Park • Brooklyn, NY
Champion: Swine Floozies
Cheryl Cohen, S. Seneviratne, Maureen Walsh, Howard Wu

Punk Rope Games II • May 22, 2010
McCarren Park • Brooklyn, NY
Champion: Camila 4Ever
Adam Neves, Erin Ronder, Maureen Walsh, Howard Wu

Punk Rope Games III • May 22, 2011
Cooper Park • Brooklyn, NY
Champion: Bone Jumpers
Bengey Asse, Kevin Sullivan, Jason Watt, Lauren Wistrom

Punk Rope Games IV • June 24, 2012
William Sheridan Playground • Brooklyn, NY
Champion: Phat Positive
Joe Katz, Alanna Rios, Heather Wagner, Jeff Wood

Punk Rope Games V • May 19, 2013
Newtown Barge Playground • Brooklyn, NY
Champion: Super Sauce
Claire Francois, Sahy Lalime, Jeremy Rafal, Howard Wu

Punk Rope Games VI • June 7, 2014
Newtown Barge Playground • Brooklyn, NY
Champion: Ghost Jumpers
Melody Baugh, Kimmie David, Joe Katz, Kevin Sullivan

Punk Rope Games VII • Sept 26, 2015
Newtown Barge Playground • Brooklyn, NY
Champion: Hopping Max
Claire Francois, Tomer Grassiany, Tim Kafalas, Joe Katz

Punk Rope Games VIII • Oct 1, 2016
Murphy’s Brother’s Playground • New York, NY
Champion: The Pitbulls
Claire Francois, Joe Katz, Geo Malave

Punk Rope Games IX • Sept 23, 2017
Lowery Plaza • Queens, NY
Champion: Muted Mutton
Claire Francois, Joe Katz, Rich Mudge, Shawnette Proper

Punk Rope Games Records

*All events 1 minute long

Criss Cross: 94 (2017)
Annette Slonim (Zero Effort)

Double Unders: 120 (2013)
Kevin Sullivan (Hoppin’ Cretins)

Long Rope Trading Handles: 25
Muted Mutton (2017); Hopping Goths (2015)

Me First You First: 142 (2017)
Claire Francois & Joe Katz (Muted Mutton)

Spoons: 147 (2012)
Sophia Kelley & Michelle Roberts (Gang of Genghis Khan)

Swing & Jump: 66 (2017)
Heather Wagner (Bowowhaus)

Twins: 141 (2011)
Shana Brady & Lyana Fernandez (Apocalyptics)

The Punk Rope team from Newtown Creek crushes the long rope event
Sophia racing to the finish of the Punk Rope Games marathon.
Eleanor plays Jokari while Bengey referees.
Bart & Quitterie compete in Me First You First.