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Punk Rope

Punk Rope is a playful mash-up of jump rope and creative conditioning drills fueled by an ever-changing rock ‘n’ roll playlist.

The benefits of Punk Rope include improved:
• cardiovascular conditioning
• coordination
• agility
• strength
• foot speed
• hand speed
• balance
• bone density
• body composition
• rhythm
• timing

Each class consists of 13 intervals, 6 of which focus on jumping rope. Don’t worry! No rope jumping skill is necessary. Most folks pick it up quickly even if they haven’t jumped rope since first grade.

In addition to jumping rope you’ll be participating in a variety of fun conditioning drills. Activities and exercises vary from class to class, but don’t surprised if you end up running a relay race, playing “Circle Ball” or “Not In My Backyard”, or partnering up for “Bridge and Tunnel” or “Back-to-Back Get-Ups.”

Our goal is to not only get your heart pumping and your feet jumping, but to also put a big smile on your face. We believe exercise can and should be fun.

Everyone is welcome at Punk Rope, no matter their age or fitness level, but we have a special place in our hearts for the oddballs, outcasts, outsiders, and kids who were picked last in gym class.

Jump ropes are provided. Just bring yourself!

The class is challenging, but can be modified for all fitness levels.

Let your instructor know if you have any physical limitations. He or she will gladly offer you safe alternatives for movements that are outside of your comfort zone.

Click here to see an entire Punk Rope class in action.

The video at left created by Punk Ropers, Jeff Wood, Heather Wagner, Joe Katz, and Alanna Rios, gives you a sense of Punk Rope’s style, creativity, and sense of humor.