No obstacle is too great

If you follow the Punk Rope Instagram feed (and if you don't we invite you to do so) you might have thought we won our 6th consecutive City Challenge 5K obstacle race on Saturday in Jersey City, NJ. Well that's actually a bit of an exaggeration although not quite fake news. We did a [...]

Scots Wha Hae!

14 kick-butt songs by Scottish bands: Kitten Heels • Long Fin Killie Top Of The Pops • The Rezillos Highland Fling 4 Steps • Rob Barrick The Day I Was a Horse • The Vaselines Get Away Franz • Ferdinand Get Funky • Teenage Fanclub Dead Cities • The Exploited Cop Cars • The Exploited [...]

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Strong Body, Strong Brain

When most of us think of exercise we tend to focus on its physical benefits and especially how exercise improves our appearance. But there's a solid body of research emerging about how strengthening your body can also strengthen your brain and improve memory, concentration, mental health, creativity, and even offer some protection against dementia. In fact, cognitive [...]

Spring Playlist

I Can See Clearly • Johnny Nash Spring Collection • The Vapors Printemps • Cœur de pirate Spring Training • Pipe Spring Affair • Donna Summer Madness • Madness I Can Hear the Grass Grow • The Move Don't Pick It Up • The Offspring Here Comes the Sun • Voodoo Glow Skulls Light Of [...]

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Jump Rope Challenge #2

March Madness is upon us and in addition to being beyond psyched about my beloved Wahoos (I graduated from UVa in '82) being the overall #1 seed, the tournament has me thinking about how rope jumping relates to basketball. When you see major TV ads featuring NBA stars like Kevin Durant jumping rope and Carmelo [...]

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Challenge of the Week • 3/12/18-3/18/18

When you think of St. Patrick's Day you might visualize a grand parade, green beer, and four-leaf clovers, but did you know about the St. Patrick's Cross and St. Patrick's Bell? Neither did we. Well in honor of St. Patrick, this week's jump rope challenge combines the cross, the bell jump, and push-ups. You have [...]

Jump rope philosophy

The word "spring" makes me think about jumping rope and as the weather warms up here in the Northeast I have certainly been jumping more with the hope of jump roping another 5K in the next several months, but more importantly with the hope of getting back into decent physical condition. But lately I've also [...]

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Jumping for the Animals

On Sat, Feb 17 we held an animal-themed Punk Rope benefit class at CrossFit Adoration in Bethlehem, PA and raised $511 for Peaceable Kingdom, a no-kill shelter in nearby Whitehall. The inspiration was my parents who were both animal lovers and who met in Bethlehem roughly 70 years ago. The playlist consisted of 14 kick-butt [...]

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