Beastanetics Workout • Feb 6, 2018

Squat – raise 1 arm (75 sec)
Prone Hip Extension (75 sec)
Reverse Lunge (wt optional) (75 sec)
Single Leg Stretch (75 sec)

6 sets @ 24 sec + 16 sec recovery
1. Triangle Jump
2. Crab Walk
3. Lateral Bounds
4. Staggered Hands Push-up
5. Squat Jump – Dorothy
6. Plank Jacks

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Beast Workout of the Week

Resisted Hip Flexion (60 sec)
Squat – Frog (60 sec)
Bird Dog (60 sec)
Lunge – raise both arms (60 sec)
Plank – lift arm (60 sec)

6 sets @ 24 sec + 16 sec recovery
1. Sagittal Jacks
2. Bear Crawl in a Circle
3. Scissors Jump
4. Push-up Jacks
5. Squat Jump – Frog
6. Plank Slalom

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Beastanetics starts on 10/10/17

Beastanetics is a high intensity, interval-training program that improves stamina, strength, speed, agility, and power, and burns mega fat and calories.

McCarren Park artificial turf field
Bordered by Driggs, Lorimer, Union, Bayard.
Meet by the goal closest to Bayard

Tues, Oct 10 through Tues, November 21
Tu/Th: 6:45am-7:45am & 8am-9am

7-week session/13 classes: $143
drop-in class: $15 (space permitting)



Tim Haft

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Staying Young With Interval Training

The toll that aging takes on our bodies extends to the cellular level. But the damage accrued by cells in older muscles is especially worrisome, because cells do not regenerate easily and, over time, their mitochondria, which produce energy, decrease in strength and number. But here’s some good news! A study published recently in Cell Metabolism suggests that certain types of workouts may mitigate the toll that aging has taken on our mitochondria. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic recently conducted an experiment on the cells of 72 healthy but sedentary men and women who were younger than 30 or older than 64. The subjects were randomly assigned to one of the following groups:

1) vigorous weight training several times a week
2) brief interval training 3 times a week on a stationary bike
3) riding a stationary bike at a moderate pace for 30 minutes a few times a week and light resistance training on other days
4) no exercise.

The subjects who did the interval workouts showed increases in the number and health of their mitochondria. This was especially the case with the older subjects. It seems as if the decline in the cellular health of muscles associated with aging was “corrected” with exercise, especially if it was intense, says Dr. Sreekumaran Nair, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic and the study’s senior author. In fact, older people’s cells responded in some ways more robustly to intense exercise than the cells of the young did — suggesting, he says, that it is never too late to benefit from exercise.

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Eat Like a Beast

This post comes to us courtesy of nutritional counselor and certified personal trainer, Aynsley Kirshenbaum. You can learn more about Aynsley at http://aynsleykirshenbaum.com. Although the article was originally written for students of Beastanetics it applies to anybody participating in interval-training workouts.

So, you’ve been doing the Beastanetics workout or some other type of interval-training program. You’re feeling stronger, fitter and tougher. But are you maximizing your results? Eating right before and after your beastly bouts can have a huge impact on both your workouts and the way you feel the rest of the time.

For starters, are you adequately hydrated? Before exercising, you should down at least eight ounces of pure water. During your workout, drink another eight ounces at least and post workout up it to sixteen. If you feel thirsty, drink! If you don’t feel thirsty, drink anyway. And ditch the sugared, food coloring enhanced sports drinks, sodas and supplement waters. Plain old boring water is what you need.

You will have to discover if and when you should eat before you exercise. Some people do very well with a complex carbohydrate and protein rich breakfast before they work out and some people really perform better on an empty stomach. Trial and error works best here: try a banana with some almond butter, or plain yogurt and berries, or an apple and hardboiled egg an hour before your Beastanetics and see how you do. If you feel nauseous or sluggish, eat less next time or eat earlier or just wait until afterwards. BUT, everyone should eat as soon as they possibly can after a workout. Numerous studies show that muscles recover faster and stronger if you eat something with a high sugar content (like tropical fruit, not M&Ms) with something protein rich within an hour of ceasing exercise. Some of my favorites are that banana and almond butter, walnuts and unsweetened dried fruit, or if you were sweating profusely, coconut water and an egg.

And what to eat the rest of the day? Delicious veggies, fruits, whole grains and whole proteins! Beware of white flour, white sugar and white rice-they deplete your body of essential B vitamins and leave you sluggish. Beware of added sugars, added colors and ingredients you don’t understand-more often than not, they require your liver to work overtime detoxifying. Enjoy your favorite veggies at every possible meal and try new ones. If you have a sweet tooth, incorporate more sweet veggies into your life: steamed or roasted carrots and beets are incredibly delicious and so good for you. Nuts and fresh fruit are a great snack and extremely convenient and portable. Carrying a little packet of trail mix with you in case of hunger emergency will help you steer clear of chips, cookies, candy or other junk.

Finally, remember that alcohol provides seven calories per gram and absolutely zero nutrients. I’m going to let you come to your own conclusions about that, but there’s some food for thought.


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The Number 1 Reason to Try CrossFit

Our guest author is Bronson Dant, the owner of CrossFit PCR in Ellicott City, Maryland. Shana and I will be leading a double unders seminar at Bronson’s box on July 17. As an aside, I’ve now visited more than 75 CrossFit gyms around the country and have had a great experience 95% of the time. Okay, here’s Bronson now…

Everyone loves lists. We see a million posts on social media day in and day out. “Top 10 reasons to grow a beard!”, or “Top 12 reasons beards suck!”

This is not one of those articles. This article is about you.

If you are reading this, chances are you have heard of and/or thought about trying CrossFit. If you haven’t, then you just got real lucky, because now you have, and your life will be better for it.

CrossFit training is defined as constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity.

There’s a lot of buzz about CrossFit. Much of it is positive as in “it’s an awesome workout” and “the community is amazing” and “it works.” Some of the buzz is intimidating as in “it’s crazy hard,” and some of it is frightening as in “CrossFit is dangerous.”

But, you’re not sure. You see a photo of an elite CrossFitter doing handstand push-ups and you think to yourself: “what the hell is that? It looks really hard and clearly can only be done by somebody in amazing shape.”

But the truth is the vast majority of rave reviews about CrossFit are not coming from elite athletes, but rather from the average person—the student, the mother, the grandfather, and the high school chess club president. These are typical Janes and Joes who want to be fitter, feel better, and look better.

The reason CrossFit is growing and the reason it has become a world changing fitness program is because it works for regular people. Each person has a goal that they are trying to achieve. CrossFit has enabled thousands upon thousands of people to reach their goals.

You have a goal you want to accomplish. You are looking into options to find a way to get to where you want to be. So here is…

The number 1 reason to try CrossFit: it works.

Plan and simple.

But wait, there’s more!!!

It works, for people just like you and here are some reasons why:

– 1 hour a day 3-4 days a week
– Never get bored with your workouts
– Let someone else put your workouts together
– Build strength
– Lose fat
– Play harder and longer
– Feel younger
– Workout with friends
– Start where you are, then grow. There is zero expectation other than what you can do today.
– Do the work, get the results

My name is Bronson. I own CrossFit PCR a gym in Ellicott City, MD. If you live near me, stop in and say hi. If you don’t, go here and find a gym near you.

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