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It’s All in the Wrist

After teaching rope jumping for nearly 15 years we’ve learned a thing or two about what helps folks become more successful jumpers. In fact we learn way more from our students than they do from us! We’re lucky that way.

While it’s difficult—and probably foolish—to point to any one factor as the key to becoming a better jumper, there’s no doubt that learning to turn your rope primarily with your wrist—as opposed to with your shoulders or elbows—is a big deal and is worth practicing….a lot!

The wrist should serve as the axis of rotation for the rope. Turning the rope with your wrist is simply more efficient. It helps reduce fatigue in the shoulders and elbows and generally improves timing because it eliminates precious wasted milliseconds. Turning your rope primarily with your elbows or shoulders takes more time. It also generally causes your rope to hit way too far in front of the body which results in lots of nasty marks on your shins not to mention pain!

But if you struggle to turn your rope with your wrist how do you get better at it? Well you could practice any movement that improves wrist mobility and dexterity such as air guitar, screwing in light bulbs, and using an old fashioned pencil sharpener. But do you really want to spend time doing those things? Okay, maybe it’s an enthusiastic YES for air guitar!

But to get good quickly, consider the wrist trainer, a simple tool we invented years ago and that we’ve been using in our double unders seminars with good results. The wrist trainer is half a jump rope trimmed so that it won’t drag on the ground when you spin it. A silicone cap covers the exposed end of the rope.

The best way to use a wrist trainer is to place a piece of tape on the ground (chalk works too) about a foot away from where you’re standing. The tape should be parallel to your feet. Grip the wrist trainer with your thumb on top and don’t choke up too much. Consider starting your practice with your non-dominant hand. Spin the wrist trainer forward, concentrating on using only your wrist to propel it. If this is difficult for you, take your opposite hand, grab the bicep of the “spinning side” and lock that arm to your side, preventing motion from occurring at the elbow or shoulder. The video below should help. Of course you can also practice with your dominant hand. The main thing is to achieve some balance and symmetry so that both hands contribute equally to a successful turn of the rope.

Wrist trainers are available in 8 colors in the Punk Rope shop for $6.99.

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Best Songs of 2018

Laughing Gas • The Fratellis
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Make Me Feel • Janelle Monáe
What’s so Great, Britain? • Youth Killed It
Åkeren • Porches
Slow Learner • Viagra Boys
Extinction • Parquet Courts
Talking Straight • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Maria También • Khruangbin
It Makes You Forget • Peggy Gou
Gram Rock • IDLES
My Queen Is Harriet Tubman • Sons Of Kemet
Love Is A Wild Thing • Kacey Musgraves

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Celebrating 2 millions views!

Well it took nearly 10 years and over 300 videos, but the other day we surpassed two million views and 5,000 subscribers on our Punk Rope YouTube channel. Yay us and big thanks to Shana for being such a great model.

And while we’re painfully aware that a single cute kitten or puppy video can garner over two million views on YouTube in a matter of days or even hours, we’re still really proud of what we’ve accomplished. And to be honest, we don’t care that much about the numbers. We’re just pleased as punch we could help so many folks begin—and progress with—their jump rope and fitness journeys. That said, please subscribe to our channel!

And here are just a few of the many heartwarming comments we’ve received:

“Thanks a ton for this video. Have watched a lot other videos but none beats this. Informative, lucid and makes rope jumping look like a fluid activity provided these beginner steps are incorporated properly. Keep inspiring with more videos.” —Shivin Varghese

“The best, most beginner-friendly, detail-oriented jumping rope tutorial on the internet. Thank you so much.” —MokshaNow

“I’ve started boxing and my trainer said before you put on the gloves, prove you are good enough by jumping rope. I watched many tutorials, failed and gave up. Then i saw your tutorial and tried (jumping) for three days and man, I am getting a good hang of skipping. Long story short, in future if I became a world renowned boxer, it would be because of you.” —riderzlife

Okay enough of tooting our own horn. Without further ado you can save 20% on all our ropes until the end of July by using the code 2million at checkout.

Thanks for watching and please lets us know if there’s a particular tutorial that you’d like us to shoot.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

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