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Punk Rope at Allentown ArtsFest 9/27-9/29

Punk Rope is offering a free jump rope instructor certification and two free jump rope clinics at Allentown ArtsFest in Allentown, PA. These programs are made possible by the generosity of my late parents, Bob and Vicky Haft.​ Details are below.​

Saturday, Sept 28 • noon-6pm
Rain date: Sun, Sept 29 • 9am-3pm
Space is limited. RSVP to tim@punkrope.com is required.
You’ll learn all the skills necessary to teach anyone—from elite athlete to recovering couch potato—how to use rope jumping to improve their overall fitness and athleticism. After successfully completing the certification you’ll be qualified to launch your own jump rope class or program. Each participant will have their form evaluated via video analysis and will receive an instructor’s e-manual along with a custom-sized jump rope and wrist trainer and CECs from ACE (.7), AFAA (8), ISSA (7), and NASM (.8). Cost: Free (regularly $249).

Friday, Sept 27 • 5-7pm
Sunday, Sept 29 • noon-2pm
Learn how to use rope jumping to improve your coordination, agility, speed, balance, and more. We’ll cover a variety of steps including double unders, crosses, the alternating foot step, and many more. All ages and ability levels are welcome. RSVP appreciated but not required. Jump ropes provided.

Tim Haft created Punk Rope in 2004 and has been jumping rope since 1976. Tim is certified by ACE, USA Track & Field, TRX, ISCA, USAFIT, Resist-a-Ball, and Precision Nutrition. Shana Brady joined the Punk Rope team in 2005 as director of training. Shana holds a BS in Exercise Science and is certified by ACSM, NASM, ACE, and FMS. Haft and Brady have certified more than 1000 jump rope instructors worldwide and have presented jump rope seminars at more than 125 CrossFit gyms as well as at numerous public schools. Heather Wagner is a lifelong athlete and black belt in karate and is certified by ACE and Punk Rope.

Allentown ArtsFest takes place at Cedar Beach Park in Allentown, PA on 9/27 (4-11pm), 9/28 (noon-11pm), and 9/29 (11am-8pm). There will be live music, activities for kids, a skate park, comedy shows, breakdancing competitions, artwork on display, and lots of local food, beer, and wine.

Contact tim at tim@punkrope.com or 646-263-9128

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Punk Rope Honors Stan Lee

Sugar Sugar • Mary Lou Lord with Semisonic
Courageous Cat Theme • New York Dolls
The Simpsons Theme • Green Day
Nobody Loves the Hulk • The Traits
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy • W:Ax
The Tra La La Song • Liz Phair with Material Issue
Linus & Lucy • Vince Guaraldi Trio
Underdog • Butthole Surfers
The Pink Panther • Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Gigantor • The Dickies
Spider Man • The Ramones
Iron Man • Black Sabbath
What Would Brian Boitano Do? Pt. 2 • D.V.D.A.
When You Wish Upon a Star • Johnny Mathis

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Bastille Day Playlist

Go Home • Jacqueline Perez
Manu Chao • Les Wampas
Panik • Métal Urbain
Can Can • Circus Band
Caroline • Elmer Food Beat
Faussaire • Tour De France
Euthanasie • Les Olivensteins
Ne M’Appelle Pas Ta Biche • Stereo Total
Une question qui se pose • Evy
Please, Tends L’oreille • Bams
Jusqu’au bout • Les Sheriff
06 60 92 92 • Prototypes
Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi • Jacques Dutronc
La maison où j’ai grandi • Françoise Hardy

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Prison, jump rope, and a new beginning

I’ve never been incarcerated, but I did work at the House of Detention for Men at Rikers Island as a Prison Legal Assistant from 1982 to 1983, immediately after graduating from college. It was the most challenging and eye-opening job I’ve ever held and it significantly altered my views about people behind bars. But this story is not about me or my beliefs. It’s about Missie (above left with Nero, a service dog who Missie helped to train). Missie has been incarcerated since 2010. She found us by way of her friend Lisa (above right with Missie) and is now a certified Punk Rope Instructor by virtue of completing our home study course and acing the multiple choice exam. I’m going to shut up now and let Missie do the talking. The following essay was written by Missie less than two weeks ago. We’ve reprinted it in its entirety. We wish her the best of luck.

I used to be a runner. I have no hard feelings toward running—the sport taught me about discipline and perseverance, friendship and community, joy and grief. It also introduced me to a feeling of freedom in a world where freedom is a word only whispered about.

I am currently incarcerated.

In 2010, I lost my worldly freedoms to incarceration. My life prior to prison looked good on the outside, but it wasn’t. I ended up making a terrible choice that placed me behind bars. At 30 years old, 255 pounds with poor physical health, I needed to make some changes. However, internally, I also needed repair and healing of the woman inside of me.

Running became a passion of mine, giving me a sense of internal freedom. As my physical body and physical health improved, I also gained the freedom to walk with self-confidence, self-reliance, and an unrelenting self-awareness. I gained the internal freedom to look at myself with unfaltering clarity, for better and for worse. And I began to heal.

As time passed behind bars, my passion for fitness expanded beyond running. I started taking yoga classes and I became interested in strength training. Ultimately in December of 2017 I became a certified fitness trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

During my six months of testing my quest to expand my fitness pursuits and my journey towards internal freedom continued. And it continued with something I wasn’t very good at initially. I started to jump rope. The physical benefits (and challenges) of jump rope were apparent to me from the very beginning. The internal benefits have been shown to me along the way.

To push through the early (awkward) stages of jump rope, I practiced. And practiced. And practiced. And I still practice! It took some time to be comfortable, but eventually I began instructing a jump rope class at the institution.

I envisioned a jump rope class to be something different than the other classes offered at the institution. I wanted something challenging (!) and fun (!) and I wanted lots of sweating (!) and cheering (!) and laughing (!) and I wanted lots of joy (!) and dance music (!) and black lights (!). At 8am on Sundays I can say my jump rope class has it all but the black lights 🙂

Through instruction of this very-early-highly-energized-jump-rope class, I found the internal freedom to be whom I ultimately was created to be—a person who is humbly motivating, encouraging, and uplifting for others. A woman who quietly makes a difference, sometimes very small, but those small differences ripple outwards.

My journey with fitness over the past seven years has taught me that improving the quality of my life has subsequently improved the quality of others’ lives. And that the impact we make on others matters above anything else. Sure, the calorie burn of a workout and rope jumping interval times matter, but never above the joy and empowerment and degree of personal choice they bring. I have learned that fitness is a lifestyle and that freedom is a mindset and that both of these things are conscious choices, liberating choices, that move us forward from the things that hold us back.

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Jumping for the Animals

On Sat, Feb 17 we held an animal-themed Punk Rope benefit class at CrossFit Adoration in Bethlehem, PA and raised $511 for Peaceable Kingdom, a no-kill shelter in nearby Whitehall. The inspiration was my parents who were both animal lovers and who met in Bethlehem roughly 70 years ago. The playlist consisted of 14 kick-butt songs about animals including Purr Kitty Purr, Jungle Cat, Hound Dog, Barracuda, Hungry Like the Wolf, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and many more.

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Final Class of the Season at Solar One

Punk Rope Games IX a Huge Success
More news and pics to come, but here’s the quick and dirty recap:
8 teams competed valiantly for the Punk Rope trophy with Muted Mutton (Joe Katz, Claire Francois, Rich Mudge, and Shawnette Proper) claiming the team title. There were some great costumes, some fantastic individual performances, prizes galore, and lots of laughs. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Games. Who’s in?

Join Shana tomorrow (Monday 9/25) at 7pm
for the final Punk Rope class at Solar One
We had a good run at Solar One, but tomorrow’s Oktoberfest-themed class will be the grand finale this season. Join Shana at 7pm at the East River and 22nd Street. Suggested donation is $15. The next Monday Punk Rope class will take place on 10/30 at the 14th St Y followed by a happy hour at Otto’s Shrunken Head (538 E. 14th St). Naturally the theme will be Halloween and it will also be my homecoming as I’m moving back to NYC on 10/28. Yay! We’re looking hard for a new location for a Manhattan class so please drop us a note if you have a suggestion. We’re also looking to restart Moshfit at Otto’s.

Punk Rope is good enough on its own, but toss in Heather’s homemade pretzels and a killer Oktoberfest playlist and you just can’t beat it. I consider myself a pretzel expert and although I’m slightly biased, Heather’s pretzels—made the old-fashioned way—are second to none. And rumor has it there will be a happy hour at the Diamond Bar after class. Punk Rope Greenpoint takes place every Wed night at 7:30pm at the Greenpoint Y (99 Meserole Ave). First 3 class free for new students. Always free for members of the Greenpoint Y.

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Punk Rope Loves Texas Playlist

The Revolution Starts… | Steve Earle
La Grange | ZZ Top
Tush | ZZ Top
Texas In My Soul | Willie Nelson
I Fought the Law | Bobby Fuller
Gary Floyd | Butthole Surfers
Power Factory | Asmodeus X
Rock the Joint | The Reverend Horton Heat
Ooby Dooby | Roy Orbison
Run the World (Girls) | Beyoncé
Patriot Asshole | MDC
White Trash Wedding | Dixie Chicks
Piece of My Heart | Big Brother & The Holding Company
Your Hand In Mine | Explosions In the Sky

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Punk’s Rope 12-year run at the 14th St Y comes to a close

“All Things Must Pass”
—George Harrison

I’m sad to report that Punk Rope’s Monday night run of 12+ years at the 14th St Y has come to an end. While nothing lasts forever, it’s still a difficult pill to swallow.

But we continue to hold our heads and ropes high and we’re going to celebrate rather than sulk. After all, this was an incredible run for a fitness class that nobody thought would last 12 weeks at the Y let alone 12 years. In a world where things come and go in the blink of an eye, 12 years is an eternity. For example, only 9 shows in the history of Broadway lasted that long and 8 of those sucked and the 9th was just so-so.

By my estimation, Shana and I (plus a few other instructors), taught over 600 Punk Rope classes at the 14th St Y. We shared close to 8,000 songs by several hundred bands and created more than 50 themed classes. We also raised funds for numerous charitable organizations as well as for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and Typhoon Haiyan.

For many years we held monthly happy hours at Otto’s Shrunken Head where by all accounts we had the best happy hour deal in the city. For extra credit, can anyone name all the other bars where we held happy hours on Monday night? It’s a long-ass list.

And while we have no idea how many folks attended our classes over the years, to be honest the numbers never mattered that much. For us, it was quality over quantity. My friend Antonino D’Ambrosio espoused the “1 or 1000” philosophy that Shana and I did our best to embrace. Whether you’re teaching 1 student or 1000 makes no difference, Antonino would say. You need to show up with the same energy, enthusiasm, and passion regardless of the size of the audience. I’m not sure we were always successful, but we sure tried.

While there were so many memorable Punk Rope classes and events associated with the 14th St Y over the years (see photos below), all of that pales in comparison to the friendships made as a result of connecting before, during, or after Punk Rope. The community we all built was a perfect example of what can happen when folks sweat together and play together. What a beautiful thing to behold! So THANK YOU all for making that happen. I feel so lucky and blessed to have been a part of it.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout out to the 14th St Y, and especially to Mike Meehan, for believing in Punk Rope all these years. Our hope is that another opportunity will arise at the Y that will allow us to bring the class back. And actually, it already has! We’ll be doing 3 Punk Rope pop-up classes at the Y: on Aug 21, Oct 30, and Dec 4.

And then there’s Shana! Yesterday was her birthday. For most of the 600 or so classes we co-taught at the 14th St Y, Shana was a VOLUNTEER. The class would never have lasted 12 years without her. When you see her next please give her a big hug and a warm thank you. And while you’re at it give hugs to everyone who made Punk Rope on Monday nights so special, from the folks who helped out behind the scenes—Heather, Cynthia, Nell, Camille, Susan—to the long-time Monday super students like Howard, Brendan, Erin, Andrea, Lyana, Cheryl, Rich, Shawnette, Jacqueline, Thomas, and the list goes on and on.

To be clear, we’re not giving up. Punk Rope is far from dead. Shana will continue teaching Punk Rope outdoors on Monday evenings through August. Email tim@punkrope.com for details on the July 17, 24, 31 classes. And we’re actively looking for other venues that might want to host a class. Please share any ideas you might have.

And Heather’s Wednesday evening class at the Greenpoint Y is still going strong so why not take the short trip across the river while the L is still running? She’d love to have you and your first 3 classes are free if you’re not a member of the Greenpoint Y. Also, as I type, we’re overhauling our website with an eye toward the next 12 years. While I can’t make any promises, don’t be surprised if you see me back in NYC for good come 2018.

I’m going to leave you with a VERY SPECIAL REQUEST. As most of you know I lost my mom in December of last year. It still feels like yesterday and while I know the healing process is going to take a long time, there’s one thing you can do to help me probably more than you realize: participate in this year’s Punk Rope Games on Saturday, September 23. Can you do that for me? It will mean so much to me and my family. This year’s Games are a memorial to my mom and a fundraiser for the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire where my mom volunteered for many years and where she put smiles on the faces of countless kids. Thanks for considering. To register just email tim@punkrope.com.

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