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Punk Rope Games XI is in the books

The Punk Rope Games took place Sunday, October 27 at Coney Island Brewery on the heels of Wednesday’s final class at the Greenpoint YMCA. Given the horrendous weather forecast I was a little apprehensive, since originally the Games and the scavenger hunt were slated to take place outdoors. But with monsoon-like conditions there was no way that could happen. Fortunately the Coney Island Brewery came through in a big way and allowed us to use a huge chunk of their brand, spanking new indoor space. It was absolutely perfect!

In the end, because of illness, flat tires, and unforeseen obstacles we ended up with 6 teams and 22 competitors including 9 first timers! The Lucky Cats—Seitu, Shana, and Maggie—captured the team championship. Individual champs included: Seitu and Heather (swing swing jump), Shana (double unders), and Joe Katz (crosses). More importantly we donated $1400 to DOVE in honor of Mary Paliouras. We also drank a lot of beer and had a lot of fun. The plan is to do the scavenger hunt in the spring. Stay tuned for details.

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2018 Punk Rope Games Results

Jumprassic Park 37
Los Frijoles 32
Blues Jumpers 30
Sleepy Heads 27
Fantastic Beasts 26
Flavor Town 24
Make America Grape Again 22
Space Force 20

Fantastic Beasts 92
Blues Jumpers 87
Make America Grape Again 82
Space Force 76
Sleepy Heads 72
Jumprassic Park 67
Flavor Town 49
Los Frijoles 42

Blues Jumpers 128
Fantastic Beasts 117
Los Frijoles 112
Space Force 108
Jumprassic Park 100
Sleepy Heads 96
Make America Grape Again 76
Flavor Town 27

Jumprassic Park 91
Space Force 85
Fantastic Beasts 71
Los Frijoles 64
Flavor Town 60
Sleepy Heads 38
Blues Jumpers 31
Make America Grape Again 13

Jumprassic Park 77
Los Frijoles 73
Space Force 71
Blues Jumpers 68
Fantastic Beasts 63
Flavor Town 42
Sleepy Heads 21
Make America Grape Again 19

Jumprassic Park 125
Fantastic Beasts 105
Los Frijoles 76
Make America Grape Again & Sleepy Heads 61
Flavor Town 50
Space Force 48
Blues Jumpers 47

Jumprassic Park 35
Flavor Town 22
Fantastic Beasts & Blues Jumpers 21
Sleepy Heads 20
Space Force & Los Frijoles 19
Make America Grape Again 15

Fantastic Beasts 68
Jumprassic Park 52
Make America Grape Again 45
Blues Jumpers 42
Flavor Town 40
Los Frijoles 35
Sleepy Heads 34
Space Force 26

Flavor Town 17
Fantastic Beasts 14
Jumprassic Park 11
Make America Grape Again, Blues Jumpers, & Sleepy Heads 9
Los Frijoles 8

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Final Class of the Season at Solar One

Punk Rope Games IX a Huge Success
More news and pics to come, but here’s the quick and dirty recap:
8 teams competed valiantly for the Punk Rope trophy with Muted Mutton (Joe Katz, Claire Francois, Rich Mudge, and Shawnette Proper) claiming the team title. There were some great costumes, some fantastic individual performances, prizes galore, and lots of laughs. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Games. Who’s in?

Join Shana tomorrow (Monday 9/25) at 7pm
for the final Punk Rope class at Solar One
We had a good run at Solar One, but tomorrow’s Oktoberfest-themed class will be the grand finale this season. Join Shana at 7pm at the East River and 22nd Street. Suggested donation is $15. The next Monday Punk Rope class will take place on 10/30 at the 14th St Y followed by a happy hour at Otto’s Shrunken Head (538 E. 14th St). Naturally the theme will be Halloween and it will also be my homecoming as I’m moving back to NYC on 10/28. Yay! We’re looking hard for a new location for a Manhattan class so please drop us a note if you have a suggestion. We’re also looking to restart Moshfit at Otto’s.

Punk Rope is good enough on its own, but toss in Heather’s homemade pretzels and a killer Oktoberfest playlist and you just can’t beat it. I consider myself a pretzel expert and although I’m slightly biased, Heather’s pretzels—made the old-fashioned way—are second to none. And rumor has it there will be a happy hour at the Diamond Bar after class. Punk Rope Greenpoint takes place every Wed night at 7:30pm at the Greenpoint Y (99 Meserole Ave). First 3 class free for new students. Always free for members of the Greenpoint Y.

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Punk Rope Games IX is coming!

The 9th annual Punk Rope Games will take place on Saturday, September 23 from 11am-2pm at Lowery Plaza, directly under the #7 train in Sunnyside, Queens. This is the first time the Punk Rope Games have been held in Queens. We think the Ramones would be happy about that. Hey ho, let’s go!

This year’s Games are a memorial to Vicky Haft—Punk Rope founder Tim Haft’s mom—who passed away in December 2016. Vicky was a creative spirit who devoted much of her life to sharing her passion for art with children of all ages. For the past several years she volunteered at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and was twice named volunteer of the year. In her honor, Punk Rope is donating 75% of the proceeds from this year’s Games to CMNH. The remaining 25% will be donated to Sunnyside Shines, a non-profit whose mission is to invigorate and enrich the economic life of Sunnyside by creating a safe, welcoming and dynamic commercial district.

1) Costume Contest (team)
2) Long Rope Trading Handles (team)
3) Jump Rope Relay Race (team)
4) Rubber Chicken Toss Relay (team)
5) Me First You First (partners)
6) Spoons (partners)
7) Tower of Power (individual)
8) Wheel of Misfortune (individual mystery event)
9) Rope Skipping Barrel Race (individual)
10) Arm Cross (individual)

Everyone is welcome to compete regardless of age or fitness level. The registration fee for a team of 4 is $100; for an individual the fee is $25. Teams and individuals can register at the link below:

Immediately following the Games and until 5pm please join us for an awards ceremony, the presentation of the Punk Rope Cup, and lots of celebrating!
Maggie Maes | 41-15 Queens Blvd
$5 Stella | $7 Maggies Jamo Mules | $4 PBR tall boys

Maggie Maes
LFOD Apparel
Beaner Bar
Madame Scoville’s Hot Sauce

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Announcing the 10 Events for the 2016 Punk Rope Games

First offered in 2009, the 8th annual Punk Rope Games will take place on Saturday, October 1 from 11am to 2pm at Murphy’s Brother’s Playground in Manhattan (NYC). Everybody is welcome to either compete (we have room for 16 teams of 3) or be a spectator. There’s a $20 suggested donation for competitors, but no cost for spectators.

Each year, Shana and I review the events from past Games and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. We try to keep a number of “classic” events, but also like to introduce new challenges. This year we’re excited to be adding 5 new events along with a significant modification of the long rope event. Click here for a video showcasing all 10 events.

Without further ado, here are the 10 events for Punk Rope Games VIII:

1. Costume Contest | 30 seconds | Team event
Teams get all gussied up to impress the judges. Last year, Salvador’s Dollys—consisting of Dolly Parton, Salvador Dolly, the Dolly Lama, and Dolly the Sheep—wowed the judges with their creativity, style, and sense of humor.

2. Backwards Cross | 60 seconds | Individual event
The successful backwards cross involves crossing and uncrossing while spinning the rope over your head toward your heels.

3. Rotational Jumps | 60 seconds | Individual event
The jumper rotates in a circle while jumping through the rope (one turn, one jump). After completing one full rotation (360º), the jumper then rotates in the opposite direction. Each clean, full rotation (no misses) counts as one point.

4. Dreidel Spinning | Timed individual event
Competitors get 2 attempts to spin a “house” dreidel while a referee times how long the dreidel remains upright. Time is called when any portion of the dreidel, other than the bottom post, hits the ground.

5. Me First You First | 60 seconds | Pairs event
Partners alternate turning a single jump rope under their teammate’s feet.

6. Twins Jump | 60 seconds | Pairs event
Partners hold one handle of the same jump rope and simultaneously turn the rope so it goes under their feet at the same time.

7. Back-to-Back Spikeball Squat | 60 seconds | Pairs event
Partners stand back-to-back with a Spikeball placed between them. They descend into a squat (thighs must be parallel to the ground) before returning to full extension without the ball dropping.

8. Long Rope | 60 seconds | Team event
Using a 14 foot Punk Rope jump rope, teammates alternate turning and jumping in a set sequence. Jumpers start outside the rope and earn 1 point for entering and exiting the rope without a miss.

9. Spikeball Pickup | Timed team event
With eyes closed, the team captain empties a mesh bag of 11 Spikeballs onto the playing surface. Players retrieve the balls, placing on them atop cones that have been distributed throughout the area.

10. Rubber Chicken Relay | 2 minutes | Team event
Players take turns tossing an 8” rubber chicken into a laundry basket 12 feet away. After each toss, players retrieve the chicken and shuttle it back to their teammate who is next in line.

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