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You need to attend this workshop!

Tim attended the same workshop last month and it was magnifico! Sat, June 15 • 10am-2:30pm Optimizing Exercise Through Postural Alignment Hosted by Punk Rope Regularly $200; save $75 with code FRIENDOFCLAUDIA 330 1st Ave at 19th St (Manhattan) Claudia Godi, the creator of the Godi Method, will teach you how to move more efficiently [...]

Strong Body, Strong Brain

When most of us think of exercise we tend to focus on its physical benefits and especially how exercise improves our appearance. But there's a solid body of research emerging about how strengthening your body can also strengthen your brain and improve memory, concentration, mental health, creativity, and even offer some protection against dementia. In fact, cognitive [...]

Get Motivated to Move

The always wise and informative Eric Barker recently blogged about the best ways to get motivated to exercise. You can read the entire post here, but we thought you'd like a summary. 1) Don't focus on the start of the workout: The beginning might be painful, but the rest of it can be great, especially [...]

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Rediscovering the Supine Bridge

As I was lying in down in my physical therapist's office due to yet another sports injury, I was reminded of how important it is to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings and also how simple it is to do with no equipment. Just bridge! Lie on your back. Bend your knees enough so that you [...]