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Snap Lock Replacement Set


Snap Lock Replacement Set for Punk Rope jump ropes

The snap lock allows you to adjust the length of a standard Punk Rope jump rope (NOT the Beginner’s Luck or the Beast Heavy Rope) with a 5mm cord. All standard ropes are already outfitted with a snap lock below each handle, but snap locks can break during the shortening process if you’re not careful. Consider purchasing a replacement set just in case. 1 set is sufficient for two ropes. 

United States
USPS 1st class—$4 up to 12 ounces. No tracking.

USPS Priority Mail—$8 flat rate for any number of items.

Email tim@punkrope.com with a description of what you’d like to purchase (include quantity, size, color, etc.). Tim will email you a quote. If the quote is acceptable, he’ll send you a PayPal request so you can complete payment.