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Spare Snap Lock


Spare snap lock

The snap lock allows you to shorten your Punk Rope jump rope. While your rope is already outfitted with a snap lock below each handle, snap locks can “fly off the handle” during the shortening process only to end up as a snack for your kitty or pup. In the event of such a catastrophe you’ll need to order a replacement.

We ship via the US Postal Service.
Orders of $40 or less: $4 shipping charge
Orders over $40: $8 shipping charge

Email Tim at tim@punkrope.com and let him know the quantity, size, and color of the jump ropes you’d like. Also include your full shipping address and phone number. Tim will send you a quote for the total cost. If you’re okay with the quote we’ll email you a PayPal request. We also accept Venmo. Once payment is received we’ll ship your items. Sorry for the hassle but this system allows us to give you the best possible deal on shipping.