Rope Jumping #1 When it Comes to Burning Calories

While we’re the first to point out that caloric expenditure is only a small part of the story when it comes to fitness and exercise, we’re also not naive. The first question most people ask when contemplating a new activity is: “how many calories will I burn?” And for good reason. In our time-crunched culture folks want to be as efficient as possible.

Now, thanks to a new report by the Mayo Clinic fueled by research by the National Institutes of Health, we have a reasonably good answer to that question, at least when it comes to 36 popular activities ranging from bowling to ballroom dancing to baseball.

At the top of the list in terms of calories burned per hour is rope jumping in a dead heat with running fast (8 mph). Both clock in at an estimated 1,074 calories burned in an hour for a 200-pound person. Of course exact figures will vary across body types, gender, age, and other factors.

Our hope is that this report will finally inspire more folks to try rope jumping as not only is it a great calorie burner, but it also leads to a wide range of fitness benefits including improved cardio, agility, coordination, strength, balance, rhythm, and timing. And to top it off jump ropes are inexpensive and portable.

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