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How to Get Out of An Exercise Funk

It happens to all of us. We don’t want to get out of bed let alone go to the gym and work out or go for a run. Even a walk to the fridge might seem like a tall order. Recently one of my buddies had a bad case of the exercise blues and turned to her support network for a little encouragement. Here’s what some folks had to say:

“Find a pretty area and go for a walk. Listen to music while you do it. I got into photography when I was depressed, and walking around and taking pictures helped me get mobile and focus on something else.”

“A concrete goal will help, but you need accountability, too. Is there someone who will do a race with you?”

“Running with a friend helps. Sometimes it just means doing it even if you don’t want to. Some days I am getting my workout clothes on and saying I don’t wanna in my head. Just keep moving. Also I find first thing in the morning works for me best. Just get up and do it and then I get on with my day.”

“Redefine exercise! It can be 5 minutes, 3 minutes, or 1 minute. I get out of my exercise funk by doing something quick and easy…sprinting 100 meters, doing 20 push-ups, wrestling with a friend. I just try to start moving and get the blood flowing. That almost instantly elevates my mood. But if I tried to go out and run a mile I’d never do it.”

“When I’m down and just don’t give a fuck about anything much less working out, I’ll buy myself a new sports bra or running pants or some new running shoes if I’ve got the money. It kinda perks me up a little bit and makes me want to wear them. It at least gets the ball rolling for me.”

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