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Skipping My Convictions

Yesterday’s #gettothepoint5k was challenging, physically and mentally. After mile 1, my rope froze, forcing me to jump much higher than I had planned with each revolution of the rope. I didn’t trip once in the first mile. Afterwards, in the words of the man who won’t be president “it was a disaster.” I tripped…a lot. I also made 2 wrong turns, but thankfully in one instance a police officer ran to my side and set me on the right path. In the other, I ended up paralleling the real course, but had to jump in traffic. At times the wind was in my face and the road was slick, but in the end, I jumped the 5K (75% of it at any rate) in 45 minutes 44 seconds, about 10 minutes faster than I planned. My speed can possibly be explained by the fact that a police car was right behind me the entire way. But yesterday was not about me. It was about the society that I believe we can create, namely one that is free from oppression. And while no group should be oppressed because of their race, creed, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, it is black Americans who have suffered this fate since the birth of our nation and it is high time that we end that oppression. I don’t care about being popular, but if you agree with the sentiment I’m expressing, thank you for reading and sharing. And thank you to Heather Wagner for her love, affection, and devotion. She was waiting for me at the finish line with vegan hot chocolate and a vegan cookie. Thank you to my little brother Bengey Asse and to all my teammates at Beastanetics for their support. And thanks to #neonbandits for the socks. A few of us are planning an evening where we can safely and openly discuss issues of race at #sottocasa in Williamsburg, my favorite restaurant. If you’re in the NYC area I hope you’ll be able to attend. More details are to come soon. We shall overcome.

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