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Celebrating 2 millions views!

Well it took nearly 10 years and over 300 videos, but the other day we surpassed two million views and 5,000 subscribers on our Punk Rope YouTube channel. Yay us and big thanks to Shana for being such a great model.

And while we’re painfully aware that a single cute kitten or puppy video can garner over two million views on YouTube in a matter of days or even hours, we’re still really proud of what we’ve accomplished. And to be honest, we don’t care that much about the numbers. We’re just pleased as punch we could help so many folks begin—and progress with—their jump rope and fitness journeys. That said, please subscribe to our channel!

And here are just a few of the many heartwarming comments we’ve received:

“Thanks a ton for this video. Have watched a lot other videos but none beats this. Informative, lucid and makes rope jumping look like a fluid activity provided these beginner steps are incorporated properly. Keep inspiring with more videos.” —Shivin Varghese

“The best, most beginner-friendly, detail-oriented jumping rope tutorial on the internet. Thank you so much.” —MokshaNow

“I’ve started boxing and my trainer said before you put on the gloves, prove you are good enough by jumping rope. I watched many tutorials, failed and gave up. Then i saw your tutorial and tried (jumping) for three days and man, I am getting a good hang of skipping. Long story short, in future if I became a world renowned boxer, it would be because of you.” —riderzlife

Okay enough of tooting our own horn. Without further ado you can save 20% on all our ropes until the end of July by using the code 2million at checkout.

Thanks for watching and please lets us know if there’s a particular tutorial that you’d like us to shoot.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

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