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Double Unders Seminar

Tim Haft and Shana Brady have presented their Double Unders Seminar at more than 120 CrossFits across the United States.

They have helped thousands of athletes to improve their double unders in particular and their rope jumping in general. Many seminar participants “get” their very first double unders within minutes of being coached by Shana and Tim.

Not sure what a double under is? It’s a jump rope move that involves spinning the rope under your feet twice during a single jump. Double unders are a staple of CrossFitters and other athletes because when performed properly they improve cardio, coordination, hand speed, foot speed, rhythm, and timing.

During the Double Unders Seminar we not only teach a series of proven drills and strategies to help you improve your jumping, but also analyze everything that can go wrong with a double under and explain how to fix it. We even videotape you to pinpoint exactly which challenges you face and how to overcome them.

You’ll learn…
• How to choose the right jump rope
• Zen and the art of double unders
• Punk Rope’s 4-step method
• Drills to improve hand and foot speed
• Drills to improve wrist rotation and timing
• How to stop tucking and donkey kicking
• How to stop piking
• Why timing is everything
• Proper hand and elbow position
• Proper double under jump height
• How to find your ideal jumping tempo

$60 per person

2.5 hours

• Jump rope
• Wrist trainer
• Video analysis of your jumping form

Revenue Share*
*20% (for hosts within close proximity to NYC)

Workshop Capacity
20 participants