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Double Unders Seminar
Double Unders Seminar at CrossFit Adoration
Double Unders Seminar at CrossFit Adoration
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Double Unders Seminar

What the heck is a double under and why should you care? A double under is a jump rope move that involves spinning the rope under your feet twice during a single jump. Double unders are a staple of CrossFitters and other competitive athletes, like Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder, because when performed properly they improve cardio, coordination, hand speed, foot speed, rhythm, and timing.

Tim Haft and Shana Brady have presented their Double Unders Seminar at more than 125 CrossFits across the United States. In the process they’ve helped thousands of athletes to improve their double unders in particular and their rope jumping in general. Many seminar participants “get” their very first double unders within minutes of being coached by Shana and Tim.

During the Double Unders Seminar we not only teach a series of proven drills and strategies to help you improve your jumping, but we also videotape you to pinpoint exactly which challenges you face. More importantly we show you how to overcome those challenges.

You’ll learn…
• How to choose the right rope for you
• How to correctly size your rope
• Zen and the art of double unders
• Proper jump rope posture
• How to grip and turn your rope
• Drills to improve hand and foot speed
• Drills to improve your timing
• How to stop tucking and donkey kicking
• How to stop piking
• Proper hand and elbow position
• Proper double under jump height
• How to find your ideal jumping tempo
• How to progress to consecutive doubles

$75 per person

2.5 hours

• Jump rope
• Wrist trainer
• Video analysis of your jumping form

Revenue Share*
*20% (for hosts within close proximity to NYC)

Workshop Capacity
20 participants


This was a great seminar. The general concepts, progressions, partner coaching, individual feedback, and personal video/critiques were spot on and valuable.
—Pat Wynne, CrossFit Hamilton

After many attempts over the years and many whip marks across my shins!, I am finally and proudly able to say that I CAN DO DOUBLE UNDERS! With Tim and Shana’s instruction, coaching, guidance, and feedback, I was able to accomplish my goal at one of their educational and entertaining Double Unders Seminars. Their insight and experience is invaluable, and their coaching methods are so motivating.
—Saffit Gaynor, Hillsdale, NJ

Tim and Shana put on a great seminar. From their positive energy to their passion for coaching this was a fun and educational seminar. As a coach it was awesome to learn progressions that work for double unders, improve my own jump roping ability, and see our athletes get their very first double unders!
—Jason Ackerman, Coach & Former CrossFit Owner

I just wanted to thank you both for such a wonderful experience today at Crossfit Ignite! You are both amazing at what you do and although I haven’t yet mastered the double under, but I’m thinking with all the drills you taught us I am not far away! I turn 60 in 6 months and plan on achieving this goal before my birthday and now with your help I feel confident I am going to master the skill! It was such a pleasure meeting you both! My many thanks again for all your helpful tips.
—Darci Struthwolf, CrossFit Ignite

Thank you for the wonderful workshop you did at Second Wind Crossfit. Thanks to your coaching I have gone from 0 double unders to a current record of 20! Doubles were the number one thing I struggled with at CrossFit so I am really, really pleased.
—Richard Lloyd

Thanks so much for an amazing seminar. It was very informative and the two of you are terrific instructors. You made learning fun. I had a great time and learned so much.
—Diana Bakshi