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Jump Rope Basics Workshop

You have to crawl before you can fly! Of course everyone wants to learn the cool jump rope moves that you see on YouTube on Instagram and everyone wants to gain all the benefits that rope jumping is known for: improved cardio, coordination, hand and foot speed, agility, quickness, rhythm, timing, and balance not to mention a smaller waistline. But if you’re a beginner we think it makes sense to learn the basics first so you have a solid foundation from which you can grow.

Since 2004, Tim Haft and Shana Brady have taught rope jumping to thousands of people of all ages and ability levels.

They’ve taught individuals who claim they’re uncoordinated; who maintain they have two left feet; who express a deep fear of the rope; and who proclaim they can’t jump rope no matter what, period.

Their success as educators is due to a few simple qualities: patience, kindness, and vision. They never get flustered or frustrated. They are always empathetic. And from years of experience and extensive study of jump rope and exercise physiology they can usually see exactly what is going on with each student and can quickly formulate a game plan to help each individual achieve his or her fitness goals.

The Jump Rope Basics Workshop is designed for the fitness enthusiast—or couch potato—who wants to learn the fundamentals of rope jumping and ideally incorporate jump rope into their exercise routine. It is also appropriate for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and athletic coaches, although all of the above might serve themselves better by attending a Jump Rope Instructor Certification.

During the workshop you’ll learn…
• How to choose the right rope for you
• How to size your rope
• How to prevent injuries
• Zen and the art of jump rope
• Jump rope posture
• Proper jumping and landing mechanics
• How to grip your rope
• How to turn your rope
• How to warm up to jump
• The basic bounce & variations
• How to fix faulty timing
• How to keep your hands up & forward
• How to avoid turning from the elbow
• How to avoid turning from the shoulder
• How to keep your jumps low
• How to achieve the perfect arc
• How to avoid the double bounce
• The skier jump
• The bell jump
• The twister jump
• The stagger step
• The side swing
• Detailed analysis of your form
• How to progress your rope jumping

$75 per person

2.5 hours

• Jump rope
• Wrist trainer (pair)
• Video analysis of your jumping form

Revenue Share*
*20% (for hosts within close proximity to NYC)

Workshop Capacity
20 participants