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Punk Rope creator, Tim Haft, swings a really heavy rope
Shana Brady from Punk Rope practices the arm wrap

Jump Rope Specialist Workshop &
Home Study Course

The Jump Rope Specialist Workshop & Home Study Course are designed for athletic coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, physical education teachers, group fitness instructors, and others interested in using rope jumping to improve the fitness level of their athletes, students, and clients.

We’ll teach you how to perfect your own rope jumping technique as well as how to train your clients and athletes to use rope jumping to improve their cardiovascular capacity, coordination, agility, speed, strength, rhythm, timing, and body composition.

Boxers, grapplers, and martial artists have long used rope jumping to give themselves an extra edge against the competition. Now, through our workshop and home study course, that advantage is easily accessible to all athletes.

Topics Include…
• How to select the right rope for a given fitness objective
• How to ensure your rope is the right size
• Punk Rope’s four-step jump rope method
• Rope jumping mechanics
• How to detect and fix rope-jumping errors
• Jumps to improve cardio, agility, and coordination
• Jumps to increase power, strength, and speed
• How to create a jump rope routine to attain your fitness goals

Home study course: $99
Live workshop: $149 ($119 for host staff/members)

The live workshop is 4 hours long.

The home study course includes
• Jump Rope Specialist e-book
• CECs (AFAA 4, NASM .4, ISSA 4)
• Video-based exam
• Written exam consisting of 30 multiple choice questions

The live workshop includes
• CECs (ACE .4, AFAA 4, NASM .4, ISSA 4)
• Jump Rope Specialist e-book
• Jump rope
• Wrist trainer
• Video analysis of your jumping form

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